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Modern software systems are getting more complex and increase in volume every day. That led to many new concepts in design and implementation of software, for example the object-oriented programming, to meet the requirements.

The basic idea is to not (primarily) structure a project in the objects it is composed of, but in the activities of the system. These activities are represented in the code by methods (just like the objects of the system are represented by classes).
Method-oriented software development thus centralizes all activities where many similar operations have to be performed on different data types. This implicates a (bottom-up) development strategy with the following advantages:
1) Similar sections of code are centralized at exactly one position and not scattered all over the code. That leads to a clearer structure of the code and for this reason to easier code maintenance.
2) The code becomes more compact by well directed elimination of redundant code sections. Thereby, cost and work time are decreased in the development process and it has a positive impact on later maintenance and enhancements.

The method-oriented concepts can be learned easily, in particular if you have experience in object-oriented programming. You will realize that quickly when you take a look at the method-oriented constructs in the language C-mol.

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The current state of development is available at MOP --> State of development / projects, various documents about method-oriented software development are available at MOP --> Documents.

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